Ramsey, NJ; 02/18/2011
Ramsey, NJ; 02/18/2011
Ramsey, NJ; 02/18/2011
Ramsey, NJ; 02/18/2011
Ramsey, NJ; 02/18/2011
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Date: 2011-02-18
Location: Capital One Bank
Address: Ramsey Square Shopping Center
City: Ramsey
State: NJ
Hair: Grey
Height: 5’ 6"   to  5’ 8"

White male, large sunglasses, hood and fake beard, black jacket, jeans


On Tuesday 02/18/2011, an unidentified subject entered the captioned bank, approached the teller counter, displayed a handgun and demanded access to the vault. Upon failure to gain entery to the vault the subject demanded money from the teller counter.

Contact: FBI (973) 792-3000, Ramsey Police (201) 327-2400
Weapon Shown: Yes

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