Buffalo, NY 02/20/09
Buffalo, NY 02/20/09
Buffalo, NY 02/20/09
Buffalo, NY 02/20/09
Buffalo, NY 02/20/09
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Date: 2010-04-13
Location: HSBC Bank
Address: 1017 Broadway St.
City: Buffalo
State: NY
Description: Subject 3 wore all dark colored clothing with a hood up, dark colored pants with similar white squaree patterned stitching on the pants.
Narrative: Three black males conducted takeover style bank robbery where the customers were ordered to the floor. An elderly woman had a gun held to her neck by subject 1 who was demanding money. Once money was provided to subject 2, subject 1 then released the woman. Subject 3 was restraining the security guard during the robbery. It is believed that subjects in this robbery may be responsible for aiding or participating in the 11/5/09, 11/13/09, 11/27/09 and 1/11/10 takeover robberies.
Contact: FBI at (716) 856-7800
Weapon Shown: Yes
Weapons:Black semi-automatic handgun

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