Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
Webster, NY 8/12/03
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Date: 2003-08-12
Location: Xerox Federal Credit Union
Address: 800 Phillips Road
City: Webster
State: NY
Height: 5’ 8"   to  6’ 0"

Armed gunman dressed in a raid-style jacket with FBI displayed in yellow on the front and sleeves and wearing a US Marshals badge, killed one customer and wounded a second during the robbery.


An unknown male suspect is being sought in connection with the robbery of the Xerox Federal Credit Union in Webster, New York, on August 12, 2003. During this robbery, two people were shot, one of whom died. At approximately 10 a.m., the suspect entered the credit union and told one of the employees that he was with the "FBI" and was "staging a robbery." After asking the employee about the bank's security and alarms, he pulled out two weapons and told the employee to get him money. While inside the bank, the suspect ordered employees to produce money and customers to obey him. One customer was shot and killed inside the credit union, while a second customer was shot and survived. After being given money, the suspect left.

The unknown suspect wore a dark blue, nylon, raid-type jacket with yellow "FBI" letters on the back and the sleeves. He also wore a "US Marshal's Service" style badge on a chain around his neck. In addition, he wore a navy blue bullet proof vest, a navy blue t-shirt, navy blue pants, a black cap, and sunglasses with thick dark frames. He had slight stubble on his face and carried a briefcase.

Contact: FBI at (716) 856-7800
Weapon Shown: Yes

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